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Healing requires time and consistent effort. Our body and being needs to work through all obstacles at it’s own pace. With this awareness, Ronak creates customised Programs which involve a series of spread over a period of time. 

Sound therapy for Stress Reduction
 4 sessions | 45 - 60 mins per session
Sound healing sessions to help overcome physical pain, battle chronic ailments &/or help in recovery process. Ronak has helped 60thousand plus patients with yoga & multiple healing modalities. 

Balance your Chakras Program
Crystal Chakra Healing | 5 sessions | 60 mins per session
A sequence of ancient meditations that assists in realigning seven chakras & visualisations to help them balance, centre and align themselves. Regular Chakra Healing helps increase focus, inner strength and peace of mind. For more details about this program please email.

Lifestyle coaching Program
Coaching Sessions | 12 sessions | 60 mins per session
A sequence of one-on-one coaching sessions. This is where you chart down your goals & take positive steps towards achieving them individually.


 The Unleash your Strengths program includes 2 sessions of intuitive based healing with meditation, Pranayama, crystal chakra healing and/or life coaching. It makes a difference you work through a particularly major blockage that you’ve been battling with, setting you free to move forward with an awareness & helpful activity arrange. In this session you will learn to break free from a life or energy pattern. These Shift sessions can help change your life. You can take 1 session within 3 months of the first session.

Ronak ,often creates intitutive combinations of Sound Healing, Yoga / Meditations, Crystal Chakra Healing & Life coaching sessions to enable holistic life changes for his clients  leading them to the life they wish to live & manifest.


In this class we custom design yoga asana & breathing sequence suiting your needs to heal physical ailments. Common injuries - Back / Knee / Shoulder etc can be cured & healed once the initial consultation is conducted.


Meditation session will lead you to inward journey where we use more than 100 + techniques & tools to meditate. 


Here we do an analysis of your current diet & reports to suggest you a diet .

With all kind of food allowed to eat & balancing the body / emotional weight is taught during this session.  

To schedule an appointment with Ronak for a personal consultation,

Whatsapp  +918451916807 or write to ronakyoga@gmail.com